Coming January 2020

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Countdown to our NEW Online Banking Launch!

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We’re improving the way you experience banking. Early next year, in January, we will be launching a newly enhanced online banking platform. This new digital banking  experience will provide much of the same functionality you have been accustomed to (bill pay, transfer funds, account alerts, mobile deposit, etc.) while introducing new features in a fresh, easy-to-use interface. 

What You Need to Know

We're excited that our new Online and Mobile Banking platform is almost here. Below are some helpful answers to questions you may have about the changes. We will be updating this FAQ regularly as new information becomes available.

WHY is Pyramid changing Online and Mobile Banking?

We are committed to continually updating and improving the services we provide for our members. There have been a number of significant advances in online and mobile banking technology in recent years. From enhanced security features to more user-friendly navigation to expanded customization options, we strive to provide you with a modern and up-to-date digital banking experience.

WHEN is the change happening?
Our new Online and Mobile Banking platform will launch Monday, January 6, 2020.
Will I Need To RE-ENROLL?

YES. Because we are moving to an entirely new online banking platform, ALL Online Banking users will need to re-enroll in the new system on or after January 6th.  

We will provide additional information on when you can begin the process of re-enrolling into the new Online Banking platform.

Accounts for Clubs/Associations/Organizations/Trusts/Estates and Rep Payee Accounts will not be able to self-enroll in the new system. We will provide additional details to impacted member accounts. 

You may be able to use your current Username and/or Password if it meets the security requirements for the new system. The new enrollment form will provide you with details on how to set up a Username and Password.

What are some of the NEW FEATURES?

Pyramid’s new Online and Mobile Banking experience will have new and upgraded features designed to make it easier for you to manage your money, including a totally redesigned interface, functionality across all devices, the ability to link all your accounts in one place, and new anytime card blocking and unblocking controls. 

We will also be introducing Joy - our conversational voice and text banking service. Joy can be accessed via a voice call or through text messaging anytime, anywhere.

Will there be any INTERRUPTIONS in service during the transition?
On the morning of Monday, January 6, the current Online and Mobile Banking platform will be unavailable for a limited period of time as we transition to the new digital experience.
Bill Pay will be unavailable briefly during the transition; however, your scheduled Bill Pay payments will not be impacted. All of your Bill Pay history and Payee information will be transferred to your new Online account. Rest assured that any scheduled Bill Pay payments will still be processed.
***Transfers that you scheduled within your current Online Banking account WILL NOT be transferred to your new Online account.***
This includes any transfers scheduled after January 5th. As part of the setup of your new Online Account, you will need to reestablish all future and recurring transfers.
You can also call us at (520) 795-7950 now and we can setup those transfers for you to avoid any delays in scheduled transfers.
How can I find out if my TRANSFERS will be affected?

Only transfers that YOU SET UP in your online account to process AFTER January 5th will be impacted. 

Login to your Online account. From the Transfer Money menu, select  Transfer Activity. You will see Single Transfers and Recurring tabs. If you have a Single Transfer scheduled to process after January 5th OR if you have a series of transfers (Recurring) that are scheduled to process after January 5th, you should contact us at (520) 795-7950  so we can set those up for you to avoid missed payments.

Automatic ACH payments, direct deposits, and debit card transfers are not impacted by the conversion.

Will my scheduled BILL PAY payments be impacted?

NO!If you are already enrolled in Bill Pay, all of your Payees, Scheduled Payments and History will transfer to the new Online Banking service.

Will my Direct Deposit, ACH transfers or Debit Card transfers continue?

YES they will continue as scheduled. The only transfers impacted by the change are those that you set up in Online Banking.

To see if you have these types of transfers, login to your Online account and go to the Transfer Money menu. From there, select Transfer Activity. Select the tab for "Recurring." If you do not see any scheduled transfers here in the Recurring tab, you should not have transfer issues after the conversion to the new platform. 

Will the MOBILE APP be changing?

YES. Both Android™ and Apple® mobile device users will need to download the new Pyramid FCU Mobile Banking App. The current Mobile App will continue to function until January 5.

The new Pyramid FCU Mobile App icon will have a turquoise background color. We will let you know when the new Mobile Apps are available for download. They will not be live until the conversion is completed on January 6th.